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Tool 7

Review Your Initiatives

Are there equity gaps in your current work?

After crafting a statement with equitable outcomes (Theory of Change) and steps to achieve them (Theory of Action), identify what you’re currently doing—or should be—to embed equity through your project.

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Download a PDF for the Review Your Initiatives instructions and tips.

Tool 7: Review Your Initiatives


This tool is designed to give you a big picture of your equity-centered work. Examining all your programs and initiatives will help you figure out what you need to add and/or prioritize to better embed racial and other social equity goals within your work. Additionally, this tool will help you think critically about the work you are doing—does your racial equity work remain at superficial level or does it demonstrate a commitment to sharing power with historically marginalized communities? Use our worksheet to create a chart of all your programs and initiatives (internal and external).

Developed by Harvard Graduate School of Design

Follow-Up Questions

Once you have reviewed your organization’s initiatives, ask:

  • How does our work impact aspects necessary for a thriving civic and cultural life?

  • How does our work impact neighborhood affordability and equitable economic development?

  • How does our work strengthen health, wellness, and resilience in our community?

  • How do we support equitable organizational growth?

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