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Tool 15

Maximize Your Impact

Where can you make the most impact?

Determine where your resources and control can make the biggest impact.

Use the tool

Download a PDF for the Maximize Your Impact tool instructions and tips.

Tool 15: Maximize Your Impact


In many cases, addressing the negative effects of development (e.g. displacement) often surpasses the capacity of one organization. After using this tool, you’ll be better positioned to strategically prioritize funding and time. You may find that it will be more impactful for your organization to lend support to an advocacy group working on a specific equity issue (e.g. developing affordable housing). Or you may discover your organization has the necessary resources and control to champion certain equity initiatives in-house. You’ll also be more aware of areas where you need to partner or play more of a supporting role. 

Developed by Brett Merriam, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Follow-Up Questions

Once you have reviewed your impact capacity, ask:

  • For each partner, are we a Fierce Advocate, Equity Torch-Bearer, Vocal Supporter, or Equity Promoter?

  • Should we focus more time and funding on the programs where we are an Equity Torch-Bearer?

  • Should we focus less time and funding on programs where we are a Vocal Supporter (have the least control and lowest equitable impacts)?

  • Are there certain initiatives where we would like to increase our control to have greater impact? If so, what strategies would help us achieve that?

  • What strategies do we have to be Fierce Advocates—an organization that leverages its political capital to lobby for change?

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