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Tool 16

Create a Work Plan

How will you achieve equitable outcomes?

Set goals and select metrics to measure progress, to help everyone in your organization stay on the same path.

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Download a PDF for the Create a Work Plan tool instructions and tips, and a list of metrics examples.

Tool 16: Create a Work Plan


Once you establish the equitable outcomes you want to achieve (with your Theory of Change and Theory of Action), you need to create a work plan to guide your racial and social equity work.  The goals you set should ensure you achieve the change you are seeking. Selecting metrics will help you think about what is possible, feasible, and attainable  with your organizational capacity. But it’s important to remember that what you measure implies what you care about.


  • Atlanta BeltLine Inc.'s Racial Equity Plan

    Atlanta BeltLine's Racial Equity Action Plan is an internal working document that outlines concrete action steps its leadership and staff will take to achieve racial equity in its organization, operations, investments, programs, and policies.

Developed by the High Line Network, Harvard Graduate School or Design, and Urban Institute

Follow-Up Questions

Once you have your work plan, ask:

  • What are our metrics for success?

  • Do surrounding communities share our definition of success?

  • Are we tracking change over time?

  • Are our current efforts and those of our partners sufficient to reach the targets we set?

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