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Tool 18

How do you convey the impact of your work?

Sharing good stories is an opportunity to document what you have done and shape positive public perception of your organization.

Use the tool

Download a PDF for the Tell Your Story tool instructions and tips.

Tool 18: Tell Your Story


Good stories can help inspire trust, raise awareness, and connect others to your organization’s equity-based work. Talking clearly about equitable impact can be challenging. This tool will help you amplify your progress, and draft strong messages that resonate with multiple audiences. 


  • 11th Street Bridge Park's Equity Tools

    To help inform the efforts of community advocates, park leaders and municipal officials as they lead inclusive economic growth in their own neighborhoods, 11th Street Bridge Park has documented their process of creating and implementing a community-driven plan. Check out their videos here.

  • High Line's #MyLine Campaign

    The High Line's last campaign focuses on stories of neighbors, partners, and stakeholders, by conveying the message the High Line is #MyLine.

Developed by High Line Network

Follow-Up Questions

Once you have a drafted a story, ask:

  • Are we encouraging participation from community stakeholders?

  • Are we seeking to inspire trust?

  • Is the story supporting a key message?

  • Does the story inspire others to action?

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