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Tool 14

Review Your Community Network

How will you connect with new communities?

Evaluate the depth of your organization’s engagement with community members. Meaningful engagement is deeply connected to understanding local histories and equity conditions.

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Download a PDF for the Review Your Community Network instructions and tips.

Tool 14: Review Your Community Network


Your equity goals, and the programs developed to further those goals, are only meaningful if they stem from and elevate voices historically and presently excluded from planning and redevelopment processes. Community networks are key to building and sustaining these connections, ensuring your project remains grounded in the concerns of those you aim to support. This tool will help you analyze and set goals for your community engagement work.

Developed by Urban Institute

Follow-Up Questions

Once you have reviewed your community network, ask:

  • How do we plan to connect with new communities?

  • How should our engagement differ among communities to involve the broadest cross-section?

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