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Teaming Up for Data Collection

Fundraising event along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Credit: Indianapolis Cultural Trail Inc.

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. (ICTI) is making data collection a team effort. With aspirations to catalyze a positive change for the people of Indianapolis through an eight-mile linear park, ICTI has set out to develop a “theory of change.” A bit different from a more general mission statement, a theory of change (ToC) centered on equitable development guides an organization’s efforts to close disparities between particular populations—such as people of color, people with low incomes, or people with disabilities—and the general public. Developing a TOC requires conversations with a diverse set of stakeholders—staff, community members, board members, and nonprofit partners. 

ICTI plans to take a data-driven approach to developing its theory of change. They are gathering information at community events (ICTI-led and those hosted by other local organizations), and in spots in and around the Cultural Trail. The prompts: 1) What place or attraction on the Cultural Trail most resonates with your experience as a resident of Indianapolis? 2) Tell us about your Cultural Trail by identifying a place of attraction that isn’t on the current map, but resonates with your cultural experience as a resident of Indianapolis.

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