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Tool 11

How do you publicly communicate your values and goals?

Create a statement conveying what your organization is working toward, including the changes you hope to see in the community as a result of centering equity in your work.

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Download a PDF for the Publicly Commit instructions and tips.

Tool 11: Publicly Commit


Organizations should regularly and publicly communicate the values that guide them and the vision they are aspiring to, as well as the progress they are making over time. This creates accountability, transparency, and trust.


  • High Line Network Equity Audit Takeaways

    Trends and takeaways that are necessary to building more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations and that advance racial justice.

Compiled by the High Line Network

Follow-Up Questions

Once you have crafted a public statement, ask:

  • Is there a commonly shared equity definition or approach within our organization?

  • Do we have any active strategies in place to implement equity-based changes or recommendations?

  • Do we have established organizational equity-based outcomes for our staff?

  • What are the metrics, if any, we are using to measure the progress of our equity-based outcomes?

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