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Tool 9

Examine Your Budget

Do you allocate funds equitably?

Budgets are moral documents. With equity in mind, review your budget to assess how you are spending your funds—and who benefits.

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Download a PDF for the Examine Your Budget instructions and tips.

Tool 9: Examine Your Budget


This tool encourages you to review your budget lines with a critical eye toward who is benefiting. With this tool, you can see whether your spending on programming, contracting and procurement, and salaries matches your equity goals and publicly stated commitments to racial and social equity. 

Developed by Harvard Graduate School of Design

Follow-Up Questions

Once you have reviewed your budget ask:

  • Who are our programs designed for?

  • Do our contracting and procurement protocols prioritize hiring local vendors, in particular minority- and women-owned businesses?

  • Are there clear policies on salary ranges that promote transparency within our organization and promote pay equity?

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