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Tool 2

Map Community Assets

What community assets exist around your project?

Learn about your neighbors and what they care about, to understand their perspective on existing organizations and infrastructure that they value.

Use the tool

Download the Map Community Assets instructions and tips.

Tool 2: Map Community Assets


Examining infrastructural racism and racist neighborhood disinvestment often leads to documenting only the negative effects and outcomes of these policies. With this tool we ask you to explore a community’s most valued and loved assets. This knowledge will not only direct you towards new partnerships, it will also point you towards projects and programs already celebrated by the community. Ultimately, the goal should be to use your project, in collaboration with local partners, to support and build from assets that historically marginalized communities have worked to create and have identified as important.


  • The Rail Park's Time Capsule

    A community archive that highlights and preserves what Philadelphians love about the past and present of their neighborhoods, and what their hopes are for the future.

Developed by Harvard Graduate School of Design

Follow-Up Questions

After you have completed your community assets map ask:

  • Where are there concentrations of community assets?

  • How do our existing efforts relate to, support, or threaten community assets?

  • Are there any assets that should be incorporated into our project — through programming, partnerships, or a physical connection?

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