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Tool 4

How has your city been impacted by infrastructural racism?

Merge findings from your demographic review, timeline, and community assets map to build an equity-centered “overlay map.”

Use the tool

Download a PDF with Connect the Dots instructions and tips.

Tool 4: Connect the Dots


Legacies of injustice impact present-day infrastructure reuse projects in ways that can often be difficult to see — hampering efforts to develop targeted racial equity plans. Overlaying takeaways from the demographic review, history timeline, and community assets mapping will help you identify strategic partnerships, develop programming, build advocacy plans, and fundraise. This visual aid can also highlight critical community needs, reveal gaps in your ongoing racial and social equity work, and surface challenges that need to be addressed to ensure a new infrastructure reuse project doesn’t reproduce injustices of the past.  Download our examples of overlap maps that Network members have created, along with their equity-centered stories. 

Developed by Harvard Graduate School of Design

Follow-Up Questions

Once you have connected the dots through your overlap map, ask:

  • What are the long-standing community anchors that should be built upon?

  • What historical events are important to the community’s identity?

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